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Plant Growth Promotor

Our high grade array of plant growth promoter promotes growth in plants. These increase the number of flowers and fruits in the plants, and also help in pre dropping of flowers & fruits before its maturity. They not only increase the yields but also develop fruit and leaf sizes, enhance color and shape. Our plant growth promoters are formulated with high quality ingredients such as seaweeds, humic acid, micro nutrients, etc. These are the best solution for most of the crops for their developments and growth.

Key Features:

1) They work without harming the produce.
2) The offerings are packed excellently.
3) They have a longer shelf life.
4) Compatible with all most all pesticides, fungicides, etc.
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Pro Zyme (Zyme Liquid)

Our Pro Zyme (Zyme Liquid) enhances the disease and pest protection. It upgrades counteractive action of irritations, creepy crawlies, dropping of fruits and blossom. Additionally, it makes the natural products and vegetables to remain crisp for longer time. It is accomplished by nearness of small scale supplements such as copper, boron, calcium and more.

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Sardar (Herbal Pesticide & Fugicide)

Sardar (Herbal Pesticide & Fugicide) is a corrosive based bio development stimulant. It is made out of corrosive, fulvic corrosive, heterogeneous blend of hormones, compounds and different bio atoms. This fungicide assumes crucial part in every single biosynthetic action in the plant framework.

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Doom Flower 15G (Nitrobenzene 15% w/w)

Doom Flower 15G (Nitrobenzene 15%) help in enhanced microbial movement in soil and enhance soil tilth, in this manner likewise upgrading the impact of fertilizer. Our product influences distinctive parameters, for example, root and shoot advancement, blooming, fruiting, stomatal lengthening/ opening, and so on.

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Fighter-90 (Growth Promoter)

The push resilience and yield parameters, for example, grain size and grain weight impact the functionality of our Fighter-90 (Growth Promoter). As opposed to being straightforward toxic substances, those fixings are like the hormones that creepy crawlies create.

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Tiger-90 (Liquid Sulphur)

Putting aside the perplexing languages, in short our Tiger-90 (Liquid Sulphur) will help you to increase your green thumb with speedier and more advantageous outcomes. Need to accomplish more great than sound garden for your family; our product does its little part in lessening a worldwide temperature alteration by encouraging carbon sequestering.

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Prostick (Sticking & Spreading Agent)

Pro-Stick (Sticking & Spreading Agent) enhances air circulation in the Root Zone. It enhances soil Structure and Surface. Keeps Blooms and Organic products from dropping as well as enhances vegetative development. It also enhances the nature of blossoms, grains, vegetables, organic products, knobs, Green Clears out.

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Proxima Gold PGR Powder

  • Supply Ability:2 to 3 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 to 5 Days
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Pushp Vruddhi (Nitro Benzene 35% V/V)

Pushp Vruddhi (Nitrobenzene 35percent w-w) helps in the development of different amino acids and proteins that are basic for every metabolic action of the plants. It aides in most usage of water and supplement by plants. This also expands the chlorophyll amalgamation, ensuing in enthusiastic plant development.

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Jeera Special (Plant Growth Promoter)

Our Jeera Special (Growth Promoter) builds dry spell and ice protection qualities, prevents maturing in plants (senescence) as well as makes generation longer. Prescribed to apply for all yields, poly grow bags, pots, balcony garden, terrace garden, lawns, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

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Humitone (Humic Acid & Ascophyllum Nodosum)

Humitone (Humic Acid & Ascophyllum Nodosum) additionally host to cytokines, gibberellins, betaines, auxin-like, mannitol, natural acids, amino acids and polysachharides that all are exceptionally useful to keep plant sound and new. It expands the protection of the seed germination and plants.

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Liquid Micronutrients Fertilizer

  • Supply Ability:2 to 3 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 to 5 Days
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Power-EDTA Micronutrient Liquid

Leafy foods have more noteworthy nourishment esteem and expand its time span of usability. Our Power-EDTA (Micronutrient Liquid) is reasonable for all yields, 100% natural manure. It is delivered through common way. This is only plant blood; Plant Supplements extricated from plants as it were.

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Crysto Copper (Liquid Copper Compound)

The utilization of Crysto Copper (Liquid Copper Solution) alongside composts could decrease synthetic manure use to a substantial degree and as much as 50 % as they supplement the dirt with basic supplements. The solution is good with customary composts and pesticides.

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Greenery Flowering & Plant Growth Promoter

Greenery (Flowering & Growth Promoter) is results of normal and natural inception that fortify plants to accomplish their most noteworthy development and yield potential. Greenery (Flowering & Growth Promoter) is likened to fertilizers as they additionally advance product development and yield.

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Pushpraj Crop Stimulator

  • Supply Ability:2 to 3 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 to 5 Days

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