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Organic Pesticide

To control pests and weeds we are supplying a wide array of organic pesticides. These basically includes insect growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, animal repellent, disinfectant, etc. Our offerings are intended to protect plants from various insects and fungi that harms them without harming the produce. These are majorly beneficial in farming for increasing yields of crops. These stimulate growth in the plants by supplying nutrients to the plants. The organic pesticides are derived from bacteria, plants, animals and various other natural minerals. The packaging of our products is done excellently to maintain its effectiveness and give them longer shelf life.


1) Improved crops or livestock yields and quality.
2) Controlling organisms that harm human activities and structures.
3) Tree, brush or leaf hazards prevented.
4) Control of insect-borne diseases and illnesses.
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Proxima Gold Organic Soil Conditioner

Proxima Gold (Organic Soil Conditioner) can control in a wide range of Hatchlings Controller and gives working as development and blooming stimulant by root development. Reasonable for use in any yields comprising field crops/every vegetable. It can be helpfully applied at development time or at sowing time.

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Run-Run Organic Pig/Animal Repellent

Our Run-Run (Organic Pig-Animal Repellent) is planned to shield plants from different creepy crawlies and parasites that damages them sans hurting the produce. It is significantly useful in cultivating for expanding yields of harvests. It empowers development in the plants by providing supplements to the plants.

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Ghatak Organic Pesticide

Ghatak (Organic Pesticide) is similarly as compelling as the concoction based pesticides. This announcement would be challenged by different nursery workers and it would contend that natural pesticides can't wipe out pests in the garden. That contention is really one reason why the utilization of natural pesticides is prescribed.

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Amino Vit Organic Pesticide

Our Amino Vit (Organic Pesticide) is a water dissolvable invigorating polyvitamin as well as amino acids oral powder. This framework gives all the vitality, vitamins and amino acids that corals require for development and hue. It includes an exceedingly diluted complex of amino acids and vitamins.

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Cyclon Organic Pesticide

Twofold quality wide range non-foundational Cyclon (Organic Pesticide) with brisk knockdown and remaining activity for control of cutworms, diamond back moth, thrips, white flies and aphids in flowers, vegetables and organic products. It consolidates two molecules to give speedy knockdown, versality and leftover activity.


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